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How does your payment works?

You can make two payments.The first payment of $250 is due as you start the course. The balance is payable as you begin the on-road lessons.

What should I bring for our first day in-class?

Please bring your G1 and the driver handbook. Also your payment and discount coupons. We provide all course materials.

How fast can I complete the in-class lessons?

You can combine weekdays and weekends and get it done in 15 days.

How long can I wait before I have to start my driving lessons?

It is up to the student when they want to start. So they have one year to fit every thing in.

Are the course in-car lessons enough?

10 lessons are the requirements of the Ministry of Transportation for the complete course. Whether the 10 lessons is enough depends of the driver learning skills . If the 10 lessons not enough you can have individuals lessons any time. Just call us and and we will make the appointment for you.

How do I get my insurance discount certificate?

The legal name for this discount certificate is a “ Driver License History”.Upon completion of the course, you can get it at any Service Ontario offices.

Will your course allow me to get lower insurance?

Yes, upon completion of one of our programs you will qualify for insurance discount up to 30%.

What is the iDrive passing rate?

Sorry, but that’s an impossible question to answer as it indicates on a daily basis. What we can say is that our instructors will do everything they can to teach you to drive to the required standard and to pass your test, first time. And if you do pass, the rate for you is 100%!

More about our instructors go to the feedback please

Can I choose day and time for my lesson?

As much as we will try to fit your lessons into your own schedule, we will also look to vary the times to give you the opportunity to experience different road conditions – rush hour traffic, driving in the dark etc. We won’t put you under such pressures until we believe you are ready!

Why do driving lessons charge different prices for driving lessons?

It’s quite simple; if a driving school charges a lower hourly rate, you may find that more lessons will be required before the instructor advises that you are ready to take your test. The total learn to drive cost may in fact turn out to be higher than a school with higher prices. We believe that you get what you pay for with driving lessons and the main consideration is the quality of the tuition and not the cheapest price. We truly believe that our terms and pre-paid packages are both competitive and offer very good value for money.

Do you offer intensive lessons program?

Yes we have different fast booking packages, we would certainly be happy to discuss quick lessons program with you to conclude with taking your test after a set period. To begin with, we strongly advise that you have at least one or two lessons to cover the basics. We will then be in a position to tailor an intensive program to suit you and you will understand more about your own chances.

What about practicing between lessons?

If you have fully insured access to your own/parents’ car, it’s certainly a good idea to take every opportunity to get behind the wheel – with an experienced, qualified driver alongside you. Be sure to use the methods and routines that your instructor has taught you in preference to passenger input (especially if they took their test a long time ago!) Remember also, that you will not have benefit of dual controls so take extra special care and it may be best to avoid heavy traffic conditions at least in the early mornings.

What car will I use for my driving test?

You will use the car you trained to drive in with us. We normally pick you up an hour before your test time, to give plenty of time beforehand and to practice a couple of techniques.

The cost of using the car is priced as a one hour lesson + car for the test.

How does it work to book a test within some days?

Our team will constantly check for all available driving test cancellations online. At some test centres a fully booked months in advance it can be hard to find a test date as soon as you would like. We strive to find you an earlier date if you feel that you are ready for your test and do not want to wait months before you can take it. Once we match with your requirements we will book the test for you. We book the test for you and send you the confirmation email and text.

If you want to, you will be able to double-check your booked test date and time online on the official Ontario Ministry of Transportation website.

How does it work fast booking+the lesson+car for the test?

Our team will book the road test within some days and will provide the car for the test plus you will get a lesson at the same day.

How much does fast booking service without using the school car for the test?

If you haven’t got the test booked, we charge $100 Test Booking Fee. This is an additional fee to the official Ministry of Transportation practical Driving Test Fee, which is $ 51,75 for class G2 road test, and $87,75 for class G road test.

Is there any guarantee that I get the date that I want?

We ask that you provide a range of dates that you are available so that we can book a suitable time for you. We also ask that you provide dates and times that you are unavailable so that we ensure that we don’t book your test on a day that you cannot do. We cannot guarantee that you will get the test date that you request as there can be a very high demand at test centres. Also you may not receive the requested date if your driver license is expiring soon. Please note that some test centres do not open at weekends and your test date and time will be subject to the opening hours of the selected test centre.

Is there any guarantee that I get the earlier date?

Our team will constantly check for all available driving test cancellations online everyday.The chances of getting the earlier date requested will depend on the demand at the selected test center. When an earlier date arises we will book for you..

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