Took lessons with Anan and was very satisfied with how knowledgeable and attentive to detail he was. He will help you become a safe and good driver and provide you with feedback so you improve. Great learning experience overall.

Onry Chua

Effective courses. Helped not only for booking and passing my test but also learning safe driving. I have used the basic package and fast booking services.

Vahag Aydinyan

I got my G2 with the help of Anan – an excellent instructor from idriveschool.ca. The classes I took from him made me very confident on roads. I learnt safe and different driving techniques from him. The driving classes were scheduled in a flexible manner. I recommended this driving school to my friend and she is loving it too.

preethi Hari

I was taking lessons with Anania. He is a great instructor, he taught me how to drive properly and safely, step-by-step, move-by-move. He instills certainty in his students allowing them to be aware and cautious at all times. Anania will always conduct proper assessments, making sure that his students are prepared, before he books a test for them. Thanks to Anania, I successfully got my G2 as well as my full G.

Shushanik Mikayelyan

Anan is great instructor!!! He taught me correct and safe way of driving. He was able to book a test for me quickly. I would always recommend him to my friends.

Vikas Verma

I got my G2 with the help of wonderful instructor Anania from idriveschool.ca

He did everything to pass my exam; scheduled the classes, booked the test and took me to the test center with only few hours of driving and a practice lesson at test centre;
Anania made me feel confident on the road and my ability to do well on the test.I will come back for some more classes, for my full G.

venkata krishna polineni

I learned from the best!!! I started my driving lesson with Anan last June 2015. He was very encouraging to me. I’m a new immigrant here in Toronto and Anan made it easy for me to adjust in driving techniques here in Canada. What made him stand out from other driving instructor is that he focused more in my strength and what I already know rather than correcting each wrong move. It only took few hours of driving lessons with Anan before I pass my G2 and G licence! Both take one! 🙂 He’s very professional, considerate and kind. Highly recommended!!!

Reynan Reyes

Met Anan over half a year ago, took my first lesson and honestly loved it. Anan is really patient and calm guy, he knows what you need to improve on to succeed on your test. Anan is also a really nice person, he’d concentrate on helping you ace your road test and also helps with efficient quick booking. Anan puts his students before he does when together, it’s his first priority. I’d definitely recommend Anan to people who are just beginning to learn the basic / how to drive.
P.S: Passed my G2 first try after everything Anan taught me!

Avi Abramov