4 Driving Safety Tips For The First Time Drivers

4 Driving Safety Tips For The First Time Drivers

Driving Safety Driving is both exciting and daunting, especially if you are a teen and learning to drive for the first time. When a teen reaches a valid age of driving, he/ she is more than excited to get behind the wheels to obtain the first driving lesson. Every parent should enroll their teens to a reputed driving school to help them learn the basics of safe driving that only a professional instructor can make them understand in an efficient way.

Learning comes with experience and experience comes with practice, that is what a first-time driver should keep in mind. Some tips to follow being a new driver are:

  1. Hold the wheel steady
    The first thing you should focus on is how to hold the steering wheel. Have a firm and smooth grip of the wheel that will help you in keeping better control of the car. Keep a steady hold while reversing and turning.
  2. Accelerate slowly
    When you turn on the car engine, keep your foot on the brake, not the accelerator. When you are ready to go, start accelerating slowly to have good control on the vehicle. Have a slow roll on and increase the acceleration pressure at a slow pace till you gain better self-control.
  3. Apply brakes gently
    When and how to apply brakes is a lesson you should learn with complete attention. Applying brakes harshly can cause a car to skid sideways. Whenever you need to stop a car, gradually decrease its speed and apply light pressure on the brake pedal to halt it.
  4. Maintain a constant speed
    Speed thrills but kills, yes, you should be aware of this fact. By driving at a higher speed, you not only compromise with your safety but also puts the lives of other pedestrians and drivers on risk. Even if you are an expert in driving, never try to over-speed or cross the limits.

So, these are some important tips every first-time driver should keep in mind when trying their hands behind a steering wheel. If you are looking for a qualified driving instructor to learn the basic car driving skills in Toronto, enroll in our driving classes at iDrive Driving School.

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